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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why come here to research a spy movie?

Last week we had acclaimed film director, writer and producer Michael Mann at RFE/RL to do research for an upcoming spy movie that he is working on. For those who are not familiar with Mann, he wrote, produced and directed the movies "Miami Vice" (2006), "Heat" (1995) and the upcoming "Arms and the Man". He also produced "The Aviator" (2004) and directed the Tom Cruise movie "Collateral" (2004) as well as "Ali" (2001). His TV credits are too numerous to mention.
From Prague he was travelling to Moscow to continue his research. I'm not really sure what he was looking for at RFE/RL, because while the CIA did fund operations for many years, that ended in the 1970s. Since then RFE/RL has been publicly funded by Congress.

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Anonymous said...

Your Blog is great. I enjoyed every bit, even what you would label mundane! Looking forward to seeing more pics and hearing news from Prague.
Take care,
Cathy Chaffin