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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What's all this then? (Amen, Amen)

Danny is still in the air between Frankfurt and Detroit and the three of us (me, Kathy and Noah) are very tired. Besides getting up early this morning we spent the last 5 days doing little but walking (around the tourist spots) and eating. Two all-you-can-eat meals didn't help with the diet.

Since the blog was just begun yesterday I will spend the next few posts catching up on what we've been up to.

Danny's visit gave us a chance to go to some of the tourist spots. Many of these we had already visited before, but others we saw for the first time. On Friday we all went to a beer hall - but not just any beer hall. The U Fleku has been an operating beer establishment since 1499. Columbus was still celebrating his discovery of the New World when the U Fleku opened. Oh, yea, there's been the odd fire now and again over the last 500 years but you can imagine the place looking pretty much the same in the 16th century. They serve food, but the attraction is the dark beer that is brewed on-site. And the musicians that favor the accordian. Here's Danny with two of them (they seemed to only play for 30 minutes before new ones took over). The one collected tips in his french horn (or is that a tuba? I'm certainly not a musician).

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Todd said...

Brilliant photo! I'm making you promise to bring me to e U Fleku when I come to Prague..