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Monday, April 9, 2007

Kicking off the new blog

Monday, April 9th, 2007

If you are reading this then you have made your way to our new blog - Tischlers in Prague! It took us eight months to get a decent digital camera (we couldn't spend any money until we sold our house in Minnesota - and that happened in February).

Easter was a lot of fun - as you can see by the picture. A couple we know from ISP (that's the International School of Prague) hosted an Easter egg hunt on Sunday for the kids. That's Noah in the back giving the bunny ear treatment to two of the girls.

Kathy's son, Danny, is visiting from the US. He leaves tomorrow, but we all had a wonderful five days. His visit was a surprise early birthday present to Kathy. It ended up only being a pseudo-surprise since she found out about his arrival a week and a half before he got here. No one spilled the beans, she saw my credit card statement with the charge for his air fare. I wasn't aware of this, but the credit card statement had his name and full itinerary - I couldn't think of a plausible aliby. But we've had a great time and it will be sad to see him leave tomorrow.

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