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Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Saturday Night Out...

We went out to dinner with three other couples last night. Dinner was at La Bodeguita Del Medio, the only Cuban restaurant in town. The dinner was very good - I had a creole sampler - but the beer prices were the highest I have paid in Prague. It was 90 Crowns (about $4.50) for .3L of Pilsner Urquell when even at the usual tourist restaurants you can get .5L of Pilsner for about 60 Crowns. I think they try to steer you to the Mojitos (a rum based drink).
We skipped the dessert and elected to go for a walk and find someplace else to get something sweet. We ended up several blocks away at a place called Creameria Milano, a high end cafe specializing in ice cream. The picture is Kathy with the other three wives (Leslie, Dana and Meagan). We sat outside and although the temperature was probably about 60, they had gas heaters to keep things toasty. Kathy and I split an ice cream dessert that was about $16. The others were smart enough to walk inside and order a cup of ice cream for about $4.50. I'll have to remember that.
La Bodeguita Del Medio has a cigar bar and I will try that later. I've never smoked a Cuban cigar and they are legal here (well, they are legal everywhere ecept the US). All in all a very pleasant evening.

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