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Monday, April 23, 2007

Here's our ride...

When we moved here I thought I might buy a used Audi or BMW or even Volvo or VW. We only need one vehicle so the idea was that we could get something used and more upscale. Who doesn't want to drive a fine German (or Swedish) engineered auto? But we found out that car theft is probably the bigggest classification of crime in the Czech Republic and the car thieves target nice cars like BMWs and Audis. So...we ended up with a Ford Mondeo. What is a Mondeo? Well, Wikipedia says the nickname for the Mondeo is the Mundano - for mundane (bland). It is the European version of the Ford Contour. It had everything we wanted - 6 airbags, it's a little bigger than the average vehicle on the road here, it's a combi (the European word for station wagon), with none of the annoying style or performance that the higher end makes are saddled with. My guess is that our Mondeo has little chance of being stolen.
We have had the car for 6 months now, and have only put on about 6,000 miles. That is good since gas is about $5-$6 per gallon. I take public transportation to and from work and we only need the car to drive Noah to work and for Kathy to run errands and go shopping. We will use it to make day excursions around the Czech Republic and nearby countries - particularly Germany and Austria.

Of course, sometimes I would like to (as the VW commercials call it) "unpimp" my auto.

"oh, snap!!"

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