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Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Sunday morning stroll...

We are back to our typical Sunday schedule. February was bad with Kathy having her little medical situation, then we spent a weekend in Geneva, then I was gone for two weeks for my dad, then Danny came for a visit. This is the first Sunday in a long time where we did our usual thing.
Noah has Sunday school at 9:45 at St. Thomas church near Malostranska Namesti and then mass is at 11:00. That gives us about an hour to either take a walk or go for a cup of coffee at one of the many cute cafes nearby. Today was a sunny, crisp spring morning so we decided to take a walk. We went across the Charles Bridge and explored some back streets that we hadn't gone down before.

Here is a cafe overlooking the Vlatava river at the Charles Bridge.

This is a blind girl who regularly sings on the Charles Bridge. She sings opera and has a very good voice. She accepts "donations" and I think she does quite well.

Here is something interesting we saw on our little walk. It is a figure above a door with "CERMAK" above it. Cermak is the family name of my oldest sister's family.

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Todd said...

CERMAK rocks!!! ;)