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Saturday, March 8, 2008

What have the Tischlers been up to?...

Now much, apparently. If you have looked over the blog lately most of my posts have dealt not with the goings on of the Tischlers but on other things - the fall of the dollar, the fire and closing of the Palladium mall, the arrival of Starbucks in Prague, and the recent murder of a visiting American, Mike Murray.

I was wondering why so many of my posts have addressed more general news items and have not been more family specific. Then I realized that we just having been doing much. Over the winter we tend to stay in and that isn't much grist for posting.

I started posting last April, so spring had already arrived and we were doing all kinds of things in and around Prague. Once winter came, though, we didn't do that much. Sure, we had trips that I posted about - to Berchtesgaden, Rome and Dresden. But our daily actitivities in Prague have been pretty dull. Even the old stalwart of Noah's sports activities has been slow. He was signed up for Saturday basketball but the coach got sick so the start has been delayed several weeks.

We had couple of Kathy's friends visit last month, and I have a friend visiting in two weeks and those visits are always good for a few posts (including the obligatory visit to U Flecku). And we're not that far away from spring which means the opening of the sidewalk cafes and the recommencememt of our little trips in and around Prague which I can post about.

If the weather is good tomorrow morning Kathy and I will take our little Sunday stroll while Noah is at Sunday school. If the weather is too cold or rainy we will probably end up at a cafe for a cup of coffee instead (but probably not at Starbucks this time).

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