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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Biking in Horomerice...

It was a nice day on Saturday - cloudless sky and low 50s. Noah and I decided to take a little bike ride on our usual route, from our house to a little path that runs to the forest just outside Nebusice. We don't go all the way to Nebusice, just to a spa at the top of the hill at the edge of the forest. It's not that far, probably about a mile and a half, but it's a pretty ride and no traffic.

Later in the day we all took a drive to a neighborhood on the hill (there are lots of hills in and around Prague) near Dejvicka, where we pick up the metro at the end of the green line. The neighborhood is called Hanspaulka, and it's very nice with sweeping views of the Prague skyline, including the Castle and the TV tower.

The house we are renting in Horomerice has been sold and the new owners plan on living in it, so when our lease is up at the end of August we will have to move one way or the other. We can either go back to Minnesota (or elsewhere in the States) or find another place to live in Prague. If we stay in Prague we will probably have to go to an apartment rather than a house or townhouse like we have now because of the cost.

I get a housing allowance of $1,500 per month, which was about 35,000 Czech crowns when we moved here two years ago, but now is worth about 26,000 crowns. Rent for houses anywhere near the international school (like we have now) are high already and the falling dollar makes them unaffordable to us. So the most likely solution would be to move into an apartment in a nice neighborhood within the city but with good access to the international school. That describes Hanspaulka.

Hanspaulka is the Twin Cities equivalent of the Grand and Summit neighborhoods. It has large villas that have been split into apartments. The villas have decent sized yards, which is unusual for within the city.

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Michael Carøe Andersen said...

Good luck on the house/apt hunting.

I recently came across http://praguebikeblog.blogspot.com (maybe a link from here?) but he has some good bike route suggestions.