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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Early Easter celebration...

Last Sunday wasn't just Palm Sunday, it was also Easter. Let me explain. This Friday is Good Friday, and is a holiday for most in the Czech Republic. Many (like me) also get Easter Monday off. That's a four day weekend, and many families will use the long weekend as an opportunity to travel somewhere. Our friends our going to Berlin and Istanbul and Venice, and so won't be here Easter weekend. So the decision was made to celebrate Easter a week early to afford the kids an opportunity to hunt Easter eggs and consume mass quantities of candy. [Note: This early celebration was not sanctioned by the Pontiff].

Here are some pictures of the festivities. Not pictured here are the Peeps (marshmallow chicks) that someone had brought from the States (since they aren't available here). Alas, I had none, since I am on my Lent diet and am still shunning all alcohol and sweets. An attempt was made to convince me that since we were celebrating Easter that I could forego the diet, but I was unconvinced.

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