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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Starbucks in Prague update...

The blog receives quite a few hits based on google searches looking for information on Starbucks in Prague. I'm not sure why. But, always give the customers (even nonpaying customers) what they want, so here is an update on Starbucks stores in Prague.

The first Starbucks opened on Malostranska namesti back in late January. I obviously have no access to company records but based on anecdotal information from friends and our own observations, this location has been very successful. Even opening at the absolute low season here in Prague it has always been busy when we have been there. Business this weekend should be booming with hordes of tourists (mostly from Europe) visiting Prague over the long Easter weekend. The cool weather and snow flurries should also help hot beverage sales.

The second Starbucks opened in the Palladium mall last month. Unfortunately, the day after they opened the mall experienced its fire which closed the mall for weeks, reopening just within the last few days. The Starbucks at Palladium was doing a good business yesterday afternoon and it would seem to be a good location assuming no more serious problems at Palladium. It is located one level below the main entrance, so you see it right away when you enter, but you have to go down a level to reach it.

The third Starbucks has opened at the Prague airport in terminal 1. I haven't heard anything about this location yet - other than it is open.

I will post when I hear of additional locations, which are expected to be numerous.

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