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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Paint ball for 10 year olds...

Noah went to a classmate's birthday party today. The whole class of 17 kids was invited. Surprisingly, the party included 2 hours of outdoor paintball using the normal guns and safety equipment. Even more surprisingly, it is a girl in the class having the party. We suspect that the father may be living precariously through the girl, but maybe the little girl loves paint ball.

They were going to have 30 minutes of safety training before they actually went into mortal paint ball combat, but my expereince tells me that 10 year olds aren't capabable of absorbing information related to safety. The paint ball portion of the party ends in a few minutes and we haven't received a call yet, so we have our fingers crossed that they are all OK.

Noah and his classmates get safety instructions on the paint ball rules equipment.

The paint ball grounds (field? course?) next door had the typical teenaged boys in full combat mode.

The paint ball grounds are on an island in the Vltava, just south of the city. Even with the Garmin we decided not to drive, but there is no direct way to get there using public transportation. We ended up driving to the Dejvicka metro station and hopping on a tram that we thought would take us all the way to the island, except that on weekends its route ends about a mile short of our destination. So we had to transfer to another tram to get us the rest of the way, and then it was a 15 minute walk after that. A trip of about an hour and twenty minutes to go less than 10 miles. I miss the wastfull American way of just getting in a car to go anywhere quickly, because after all the most important thing is convenience.

Here is the church of Saints Peter and Paul at Vysehrad as seen through one of the fake buildings set up at the paint ball course.

Here is Vysehrad as seen from the island as we walked back to the tram after dropping Noah off.

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