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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another semester over at ISP...

Late last week we had the teacher conference for the end of the second (winter) semester at ISP. This time, though, instead of sitting with the teacher and having her go over how each student had performed the student, the student led the conference.

This was very interesting as each student spent ten minutes with their parents on each of four stations - math, science, social studies and a summary of the work that had been done all semester. The teacher, Ms. Light, was on hand to keep things moving, but the student was responsible for covering the information. Noah is a bit of a ham and is very proud of the work he has done. It was fun and the 40+ minutes flew by.

The one section included a review of his report card. He did well, but had a drop in the area of classroom behavior. He seems to be developing the attitudes normally associated with teenagers at 10 years old. We are hoping to keep the attitude problems at bay with a combination of positive and negative reinforcement, but I fear it will be a losing battle. We'll see.

Noah's web site for class work. Each student has their own web site. Boy, they sure learn this stuff young.

Noah builds and demonstrates an electrical circuit as part of the science module.

Noah shows us his timeline of significant events over the past 2,000 years (all the back to BCE - Before the Common Era, instead of BC - Before Christ).

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