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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Close call on the bridge...

First of all, my heart goes out to all of the folks who lost someone in the collapse of the 35W bridge, or still has friends or family missing. Kathy called me at 5:45 am this morning (Prague time), which was about 4 hours after the collapse, to tell me about the tragedy and to let me know that all of our loved ones were safe.

However, it sounds like my oldest sister, Sandy, and her husband, Dan, were on their way to the Twins game and arrived at the river just as the bridge was collapsing and saw cars disappearing. I have tried several times today to get a hold of either one of them without success. I am sure they are OK, although probably shaken up, but I want to get their first hand account of what happened to them. I'll find out when I can and report later.

Here is a video of the collapse. The link was provided by Styopa, and I went there and then uploaded the video to YouTube (the first time I have ever done that). It doesn't show a great deal, but is still interesting.

The last time I received a wake up call early in the morning about a tragedy was on November 13th, 1995, when a friend called me and said "Turn on CNN" - I did and saw the truck-bombed building that I had worked in while in Saudi. In many ways that was worse, because they had reported several dead and I knew that most of the dead would be my friends, only I didn't know which ones.

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