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Monday, August 6, 2007

Email from daughter's high school friends's mom...

There was a Tischler family reunion on Saturday that I, alas, was not able to attend. Neither were Kathy and Noah since they were on a plane traveling back to Prague. If I get some pictures I will post on it.

My sister Sandy and her husband, Dan, are still absorbing the effects of their experience on the 35W bridge. As my sister relayed in an email:

We've gotten calls from everyone we known, or ever known. We had sixteen messages on our recorder when we got home from work on Friday. It's quite unbelievable. This morning I got an email from one of Tina's high school friend's mom. (got that??) She heard it from the sister of one of my high school friends. At work, people I have never talked to before have come up to hug me. It's so remarkable! We are without a scratch. We feel so totally blessed at our good fortune.

Even friends in Prague that we know are just flabergasted when the subject comes up (since just about everyone knows that we are from Minnesota) and they discover that my sister was actually on the bridge. If Sandy was here they would hug her too.

The picture shows the entire bridge collapse and has a small circle around my sister's vehicle in the lower right hand corner of the picture. There were heading south, towards the bridge. If the collapse had happened and couple of seconds later who knows what might have happened.

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