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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The weather in Prague...

I haven't posted on the weather in Prague yet, since by the time I started running Tischlers in Prague it was April and springtime was similar to what we are used to in Minnesota.

On average, both winters and summers are milder here than in the Twin Cities. That the winters are milder is a little surprising given that Prague is basically at the latitude of Winnipeg and Calgary. Last winter, our first in Prague, was mild with the temperature never reaching zero (F) and probably not even 15 degrees. There was one significant snow fall of about a foot, but otherwise it was mild and gray. The grayness gets old, but give me mild and gray over bright sunshine and -20.

The summer has been warm, except for the two weeks I was home on vacation, during which is was cold and rainy. Just before I returned to Prague it got warm again. As a means of comparison, "warm" is high 80s to low 90s.

I think it has been a hot summer in St. Paul, and that even as I write this it is warmer than average. This week the weather turned in Prague and is now quite cool - highs in the mid to high 60s. It is supposed to recover to around 80 later in the week, but it has been very good sleeping weather the last few nights. Remember that we don't have air conditioning and that it is not common here.

I've tried to find a widget that I could put on the left side of the blog that would show current conditions in Prague, but I have had no luck finding one (and I'm not capable of making one).

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