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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rollerblading in Horomerice...

Noah strapped on Kathy's rollerblades yesterday - yes, they fit - and zoomed several times around the block. Then after supper he did it again while Kathy and I stolled leisurely around the block behind him. It was a beautiful evening after a few days of rain, so the walk was nice. Perfect temperature, around 70 degrees, and the sun low on the horizon.

We discovered that a new family had moved into the neighborhood in one of the several empty homes that are for lease. We could hear from across the fence as we walked by that they are British (or at least the mom yelling at her kids in the pool is). At the same time, one of Noah's friends, Uval, is moving to Israel with his family so that will create another opening in the neighborhood. There's always change - families coming and going. A year ago it was us, now we are "old hands".

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