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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Front page of the International Herald Tribune...

One of the benefits of my position and working for a broadcasting company is that I get free subscriptions of three newspapers - the Wall Street Journal, the International Herald Tribune and the Prague Post (published weekly), plus the magazine The Economist. Every day one of the admin assistants brings them to my office. Almost always I put them away to take home and look at later. I look at the Wall Street Journal on the bus ride home, but read the International Herald Tribune less frequently. Kathy, though, likes the Herald Tribune and will at least glance through them when she has a minute.

Kathy and Noah just got back to Prague last Sunday, and I had a week or two worth of newspapers that I hadn't recycled yet, thinking Kathy would want to look at them. When she did she pointed out that the International Herald Tribune from Friday, August 3rd, had a big photo of Sandy and Dan's SUV on the bridge. What a surprise!

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