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Friday, August 3, 2007

Close call on the bridge - more pictures...

I found more pictures of what I believe is my sister's SUV on a Russian web site (via an email to Kathy from one of her friends). I will verify, but based on the location, vehicle type and the fact that my sister said she left her passenger-side door open, this would appear to be their vehicle. It's the black SUV on the left, not the blue van on the right. It is basically on the section of bridge that is right over the train that ran along the riverbank.

And an email from my mom captures a few more details:

Sandy and Dan were on their way to the Twins game and were on the bridge when it collapsed. They had just enter the bridge when suddenly they felt a tremor and felt themselves sliding downwards, as cars around them slide entirely off of the bridge. All of the sudden their car came tp a jarring stop throwing them both forward. Dan screamed to Sandy, "Lets get out of here!"

They bolted from the car and began crawly up the cement incline. They couldn't get through, so Dan told Sandy to stay put and he went around the broken barriers and found another clear area. He signaled Sandy to follow him and they were able to climb over an side bridge railing on to safe ground. They looked down and saw their car hanging there.

After helping two women over the railing, and seeing no other signs of movement round their car, they walked a ways down to a cafe to sit for a moment and process what had just happened ........

The pictures of the bridge clearly show their car in a downward angle with the passenger side door swung open. Sandy said she forgot to close her door.

I had lunch with them today and delighted in being able to hug them each tightly .... Sandu has an ache all over stiffness and Dan has a bruised, sore chest from being thrown forward when the car came to that miraculous stop. Other wise they are fine, and so grateful to be alive ....... I am grateful along with them!.

A very close call. I like to think Al was watching over them, as he always did.

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Anonymous said...

I'll add my thanks as well that they are safe. Dad called and told me last night, then I checked your blog.

Cousin Rick