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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What to be when I grow up...

Noah is nine years old and in the past when pressed what he wanted to be when he grew up the answer was either a Jedi knight or a professional football (soccer) player. Last night Kathy relayed to me an interesting story that shows that he is getting more mature and understands the real world better. Here is what she said:

Noah and a friend were talking about playing professional sports when they grow up & doing that for a living. I reminded them that they better have a back up plan because they can't play sports all their lives. Noah said right away that he was going to college & going to be a math major. I asked him what he thought he would do for a living. He said he could either be a math teacher or an accountant. He said he might like to be an accountant at ATK where you used to work!! I was very surprised--both at knowing he wants to do something with math & that he even had thought about a job!

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