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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The 100th post...

I can't believe that I've had 100 posts already. I try to do one every day, and don't always make it (but most times I do).

I spent half the day going to doctor appointments (dentist and eye doctor - both exams said I was fine. Yea!!). Tomorrow I have appointments with the dermatologist and an orthopedic specialist to look at my knee. For a few months my right knee would hurt like hell when I kneeled. It felt like I had a small pebble just under the skin. I only noticed it when I would kneel to tie me left shoe, or at mass in Prague. They use the old fashioned kneelers without padding, just wood. My guess is it has to do with playing boot hockey for years as a kid without using any kneepads. That was ill-advised and I my knees would always be black and blue from playing goalie. So there's probably chips of something floating around in there.

I must be getting old since I am spending a good deal of time explaining about all of my infirmities.

I also had lunch with my cousin, Rick. We ended up pursuing the same off-beat career - contract management - quite independently. What a coincidence. He moved back up to Minnesota from Iowa 5 years ago and works for General Dynamics in Bloomington. There is not much family resemblance since he is probably 6"2" tall and lanky while I am 5'6" and what is charitably called "stocky". But we have similar senses of humor (for better or worse) and it is always a pleasure to see him.

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