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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Viennese mime...

Or is that "performance artist? I don't like mimes. I also don't like clowns. But I'm sort of afraid of clowns, while mimes don't scare me at all. I just find them annoying. While walking through the city center of Vienna we came across this mime/performance artist acting like a statue on a pedestal. If you threw some money into the container at his feet he would let you take a picture with him, after handing you a prop sword or gun. I let Noah toss a Euro coin into the can and the guy gave him a fake gun and posed with Noah while I took a picture.

It wasn't until later when I looked at the picture I took that I realized how bad the picture is. First, Noah is too far away from the guy (maybe he has mime-fear?) so he has to lean over to put his arm on him. But...if he's a statue why is he putting his arm on Noah? He should be standing straight like a statue. It ruins whatever suspension of disbelief that otherwise would be created. Also, Noah is holding the gun straight on to the camera, so you can't really tell it's a gun. For all the viewer knows it's bagette. Finally, I realized that if you didn't put money in his can you could probably get a better picture since he should just stay still and not bother you while you snap away. If I'm ever in the same situation again I will use this hard gained wisdom.

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