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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hilton Party...

I thought I had posted on this earlier...but I guess I forgot. A week ago Friday we were guests at the Hilton for a going away party for Armin and Tuana. Their son, Ares, is a good friend of Noah. Armin is the manager of the Hilton - and just a few days after the party President Bush stayed at the Hilton and Armin met him and had a picture taken with him.

Armin, Tuana and the kids are going back to their native Turkey. They have invited us to stay with them if we go to Turkey, and we are strongly considering a visit next year. Turkey is probably my favorite country that I have visited. It is truly spectacular.

Here is Armin (center) talking to a few guests.

Here is Tuana (5th from right) with the other women guests.

Here is a portion of the food. There was another table with two chefs carving meat. The whole party was quite elegant.

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