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Monday, February 18, 2008

Sattler wines...

I was reading the Weekend Journal from Friday's Wall Street Journal and there was an article on Austrian wines. Accompanying the article was a list of the top ten rated Austrian red wines. Eight of the top ten red wines came from the Austrian region of Burgenland, which is the area where my Sattler ancestors came from (on my paternal grandmother's side). Surprisingly, one of the best wines from Burgenland is Sattler Reserve 2005. Priced at $31.99 a bottle, the description of the wine is "Looks dark, smells dark and, at first, tastes purple [?] and dark, but then the grapefruit-like acidity kicks in and it's light on its feet".

I actually knew that there was a Satter vineyard, but had no idea that it produced such quality wines. A visit to the Sattler vineyard is now on our list of sites to see when we visit Burgenland in the spring, and I hope to carry back several bottles to share with family. Here is a link to the Sattler web site (and, surprisingly, it is in English).

The Sattler estate.

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