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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Noah is 10 years old today...

Noah turns the big 1-0 today. In a way the ten years seems to have gone very fast and in another way so much has happened during those ten years that is seems longer. Anyway, we are going to visit some friends at lunchtime for pizza amd Wii. There will be lots of kids there. It isn't a formal birthday party, but we will have a cake for him. His birthday party is being postponed because a lot of his friends are gone now through next weekend because they are off school. We have some gifts for him that he will get later today - we used our recent visitors as mules to carry stuff here from the States. I'll post more later.

On another Noah-related topic, even when you are 9 years old you can be reunited with an old friend. On Wednesday Noah got to see his friend William Christiansen, who moved back to Denmark after the last school year. His family cam eback for a visit and he and Noah were able to get together.

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