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Monday, February 25, 2008

Back from Dresden...

We got back home late yesterday afternoon after our short trip to Dresden. It was a great trip and I will post more, but now I will just post some pictures about the the Prague train station and the train.

I was very surprised by the main train station (called Hlavni Nadrazi). It has an amazing architecture, although it could use some serious refurbishment. Here is the stained glass window at the front of the station that appears to be in good condition.

We got to the station about 30 minutes early so we had a coffee at a cafe on the second floor under the high domed ceiling. Statues - these in need of the aforementioned reurbishment - ringed the wall of the dome. It was interesting to see how mancy Czechs in the cafe were drinking beer at 8:00 A.M.

The train was on time and not crowded. The trip to Dresden is just over 2 hours. The weather was nice on Saturday, sunny but a bit breezy. Taking a train is much more relaxing than driving.

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