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Sunday, February 17, 2008

More of Noah's birthday...

Everything went fine yesterday at the little get together with friends. It wasn't designed as a birthday party, but there were several kids, a lot of Wii playing, and birthday cake, so it sure felt like a birthday party. Noah even got a gift from our friends - a T-shirt for the current UEFA Cup tournament.

Here is Noah with the cake that Kathy made.

Here is one of the gifts we gave Noah yesterday. He had gotten 2 Nerf pistols for Christmas and has really got a lot of use out of them. So we decided to get him the Nerf rifle. Kathy's friend, Chris, carried it over (and only after I saw it did I appreciate the size of this thing). It seems well made and is hefty, plus it shoots the Nerf darts a long way.

Today we went to church and then into the center for a belated birthday lunch at TGI Fridays. They have one in Prague. The burgers are great, just like home, and for a while you can imagine being back in the States. There are a few places in Prague with burgers, but the ones at TGIF are the best.

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