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Monday, February 11, 2008

Guys' weekend - Part 2...

When we got back to the house on Saturday, Noah and I had a bike ride following our usual route - down the street to a dirt road that leads to a spa (or sanitorium as it is called here) and then back again. It's not that far, about a mile each way.

The weather was pleasant - low to mid-40s but sunny. The weather in Prague has been quite nice since a colder than nornal December and lately has been reminicient of last year's amazingly mild winter. It might be a little cooler this winter than last, but I suspect that we have had more sunshine which makes it all more bearable. The long stretches of dull grey really get old.

We went to Bohemia Bagel in the neighboring village of Nebusice (where his school is) and met several other families for dinner. They were all going to a music recital at the school at 7 PM but Noah and I decided to skip that. Bohemia Bagel just recently opened out here in the hinterland and it is great to have it here. Good burgers and fries at reasonable prices, English is understood and used by the staff (since expats are a major demographic) plus they have a kids area with free Playstation 2. Noah wanted to get there a little early to make sure he got to play some NHL 2008. Mission accomplished.

It wasn't long before everyone showed up about 15 people from four families. The kids played well together while the adults chatted. The meals for me and Noah totaled only about $20.

After we got back home we watched four episodes from season 19 of The Simpsons. I have a connection from the laptop to our big screen TV so we can watch it more comfortably. I had the big screen shipped to Prague only to discsover that it is not multi-signal and won't play the Sky TV satellite shows that are in PAL. So we can only use it to play DVDs and shows of the laptop. We have a small TV that we use to watch Sky.

After The Simpsons Noah played on the computer a bit and then I took him up to bed. We read to him every night and alst week we finished with The Hobbit and have moved on The Fellowship of the Ring.

Sunday was less interesting. We went into the city for his Sunday school at St. Thomas only to discover that there was no class this week so we had to turn around and go home (he didn't mind). We took another bike ride and then he split time between playing at a friend's house and playing on the computer. Kathy and her friends got back from Vienna about 5:30 PM and I picked them up at the Dejvicka metro.

It was a great guys' weekend - arcade games, burgers and fries, The Simpsons, bike riding, and reading a good book. I wouldn't want Kathy to be gone much, but once in a while is OK.

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