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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Back from Nurnberg...

We got back from Nurnberg by mid-afternoon, a couple of hours earlier than expected. Unfortunately, the reason we left Nurnberg earlier than planned was because Kathy got sick during the night. She felt fine when we went to bed but she woke up during the night feeling poorly with a headache and sour stomach and by morning she was throwing up at both ends.

I strongly suspect food poisoning. Although we sampled several things at the Christmas market, we had dinner at a well known place that is referenced in the guide book we have. It was actually just what we were looking for. Great ambience, cavernous and full of people, most of them Germans and I assume local. They make their own beer. The German waiter spoke excellent English and helped us with the German-only menu. Still, Kathy's symptoms are what one would expect with food poisoning, it came on quickly, and Noah and I are fine.

So this morning while Kathy stayed in bed Noah and I made another trip back to the Christmas market for sausage sandwiches (ah, the breakfast of champions). For dessert he had a Tootsie Roll from the American booth (they had a section where each stall was represented by a country) and I had waffle with powdered sugar from one of the locals.

We went back to the hotel to collect Kathy, loaded up the car and headed home. She got sick once on the way - being sick and travelling do not mix very well.

Noah and me on the big carousel. It was a lot of fun and Noah went on three times.

We cajoled Noah to have his picture taken with Father Christmas (we promised a big molassas cookie from the booth next door if he had his picture taken). The guy was very nice - he asked where we were froom and seem tickled that we were American.

Here is part of the center of Nurnberg, after the formal opening of the Christmas market.

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