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Sunday, December 16, 2007

The rest of December...

I can't believe that December is more than half over, and Christmas is just 9 days away. Because we won't be back in the States this Christmas there is less Christmas shopping to do. And since we are heading to Rome over Christmas, that is our common Christmas present so we are only buying a few small things so we have presents to open on Christmas day.

Danny arrives on Friday evening (the 21st) and then we head to Rome next Sunday. We are staying in an apartment rather than a hotel because 1) it's cheaper than the two hotel rooms we would need and 2) with a kitchen we can make a few meals (mostly breakfast) there and save some money and 3) the apartment has a lot more character than a hotel. It's in a buiding from the 1700s and is just a block or two from the Colliseum.

The only firm plan is to attend midnight mass at St. Peters on Christmas eve, but we will do a tour or two - we just know which ones yet. We will be in Rome five nights, returning to Prague on the 28th. Danny stays another couple of days before heading back on the 30th. He wanted to be back in Milwaukee for New Year's Eve.

I will post a few time this week but I don't plan on bringing my laptop to Rome. So unless I find - and am motivated enough to use - an internet cafe while in Rome there will probably be no posting while we are gone.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of our apartment, called the the Declenziano Loft.

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