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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Prague Christmas market...

Last Christmas we went back to Minnesota so we weren't in Prague just before Christmas. Yesterday we took Danny to the main Christmas market in Old Town Square.

Here is the view from an elevating viewing stand that is set up in the middle of the square. You climb stairs to get a nice setting for pictures.

I like this montage of momument, church and Christmas Tree.

Here is the official Olt Town Square Christmas tree. A few years ago wind blew the tree over and it landed on a Brit, seriously injuring him. He collected $20,000 related to the acccident a few months ago.

Christmas hams for sale.

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Jenny said...

I really like Prague Christmas market a lot. I can say that Prague’s market is a bit of a cross between the Austrian and the Slovakian markets. Some of the vendors continue to sell the inexpensive trinkets they always have for the tourists – snow domes and refrigerator magnets and bottle openers and lighters and pens advertising Prague. Other vendors specialize in seasonal items – colorful wooden or blown glass ornaments, toys, and knitted caps, gloves and mittens. There are also ceramics, pashmina shawls, salt lamps, and . . . well, you get the idea. All accompanied with a fresh snowfall and plenty of seasonal music – Western style. I’m sure I heard Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, and anyone else I would expect to hear in the States. So, if you really want to see all this, you should visit Prague during Christmas. But be careful with Prague accommodation, on this time everything is full and you should book it in advance.