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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Odds and ends from Berchtesgaden...

Here are a few final pictures from Berchtesgaden. It's coming up on three weeks that we visited there, so it's about time that I wrap things up.

Here is a sign from a bakery near the center of the historic central district. The lot where we parked was a few feet from this bakery.

Here is another intricate sign - they seemed to be fairly common. Those clever Germans.

Here is a sign from the salt mine that we toured. The history of the mine starts in 1156!

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Anonymous said...

I was reading your older post about the bombing. My name is Andrew Cooper, Master Sergeant (ret), and I was in the building when the bomb exploded. If I remember correctly, all the Americans killed were my neighbors in the Palms Compound. Dave Warrell was a friend, and ironically, he told me, and several others, that he had advised General Nash that, due to intelligence information, barricades were needed around the headquarters and all compounds. He said Nash 's reply was we haven't had any serious threats, and refused Dave's advise. Shortly after that he, Nash, leaves Saudi, Sad, very sad!