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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

More Berchtesgaden - Boat ride on Lake Konigsee...

I guess I should return to our trip to southern Germany before it becomes old news.

One of the highlights of the trip was a vist to Lake Konigsee and a 90 minute boat ride. In an area where just about everywhere you look could be a postcard, Lake Konigsee was the most scenic.

Just three miles outside of Berchtesgaden, emerald green Lake Konigsee lies in the mountains of Berchtesgaden National Park. The

According to the web site http://www.salzburg-hotel.at/en-salzburg_sightseeing-lake_konigsee_berchtesgaden.shtml

Lake Konigsee's landmark, the chapel of St. Bartholomew, can only be reached by boat. This world-famous church, originally dating back to the 12th cent., lies at the tip of a picturesque peninsula. Neighboring the chapel stands the former hunting lodge of Berchtesgaden's provosts and Bavaria's kings, today an idyllic location for an inn.

The Palace and pilgrimage church were founded by the Prince-Provosts of Berchtesgaden in 1134. The triple-concha design of the church dates back to 1697; the stucco-work is by the Salzburg master Joseph Schmidt. In the 18th century the summer and hunting palace was rebuilt, with older building sections incorporated. After Berchtesgaden became part of Bavaria in 1810, the palace became a hunting lodge for the Bavarian kings and was one of their favourite haunts. Since the Romantic period, the world-famous pilgrimage church, set against the Watzmann range, has been a source of inspiration for numerous landscape painters.

Here are Kathy and Noah posing by the boat that would take us on our 90 minute jaunt to St. Bartholoma and back.

Here is a spectacular waterfall flowing down to the lake. It had snowed a lot at higher elevation the day before we arrived and the melting snow created some volume of water for the falls.

Here are boat houses on the shore of Lake Konigsee.

I will post later with pictures of the chapel of St. Bartholoma.

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