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Friday, November 9, 2007


Well, I have a BlackBerry again. I had one with my last employer, ATK, but BlackBerry isn't as prevalent here in Europe as it is in the US and Radio Free Europe did not use them - until recently. A combination of demand (from our president, director of communications, me, etc.) and supply (more companies are adopting BlackBerry in Europe) has convinced our Technology guys to solve the technical issues with utilizing BlackBerry - and they have.

So I have a new BlackBerry 8800. It's pretty cool, and much more advanced (and slimmer) than the one I had over a year ago at ATK. It now has a color screen and can play music and videos much like an iPhone. It also has GPS but I don't know yet if the service we pay for includes the extra for the GPS function.

To be truthful, my volume of email is substantially lower than when I was at ATK. I probably get only 15% of that volume in my current position (plus, I don't work weekends and only about 42 hours per week). Still, the old Nokia phone I had was four years old and no longer held a charge very well. Since PDAs are standard issue for management, I am happy to have my BlackBerry back.

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