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Thursday, October 25, 2007

New and Improved - Now with captions!...

OK, here are some of the captions offered by Debbie Schlussel at her blog (debbieschlussel.com):

Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil

Future Bush Family Photo. Those Are The Twins.

Future New York Runway During Fashion Week

Islamic Diversity: Eye-Slit, No Eye-Slit. "As I've Always Told George, Muslim Women Have a Lot of Choices."

"Honor Killings, Schmonor Killings. As We Say in Texas, Breast Cancer is Definitely the Biggest Crisis Facing Muslim Women in the Mid-East."

SEXY: Mrs. Bush Poses With the Muslim World's Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton

Woman on Our Right, Bush's Left: After the Photo, She Was Sentenced to Stoning for Immodest Decoration

All Three of These Women Can Ask for a Divorce From Their Husbands. Only One Can Get It.

New Al-Jazeera Comedy: "My Three Wives," Starring George Al-Bush.

Only One of These Women Can Drive in Saudi Arabia. Oh, Wait, None of These Women Can Drive in Saudi Arabia.

National Organization for Women, Jihad Caucus

So, Three Chicks Walk Into a Bar, er . . . Mosque. No Punchline. Just Beheading.

America's First Lady Moderates Debate of Our Time: "Niqab vs. Burqa"

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