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Monday, October 15, 2007

Birthday beers...

Well, today I turn 49 years old. Birthdays aren't a big deal to me, and I certainly don't get depressed by them. My saying is, "Any day on the green side of the grass is a good one." My recently departed in-laws [meaning they went back to the US after a visit here, not that they recently died], Bill, Gert, Nancy and Stuart, were kind enough to get me a little birthday present before they left. They visited a local beer store that has hundreds (well, at least scores) of different kinds of Czech beers by the bottle. They got me six bottles of beer. Here I am posing with them (the beers, not the in-laws).

One of the beers is particularly interesting as it has a naked woman on the label, with her hands strategically placed. I am enjoying that beer as we speak - both drinking it and looking at the label. Ah, being 49 isn't that bad.

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