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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Golf tournament in the Czech Republic (yeah!)...

I spent the day at a golf tournament at one of the nicer courses around here, in Karlovy Vary, about 70 mile west of Prague. The tournament was sponsored by Citibank. I met one of their reps a few weeks ago and she invited me to attend. Here she is along with the rest of our foursome - Jan and Frantisek.

The weather this morning was far from ideal. About 50 degrees and drizzling. The invitation didn't say "play rain or shine" or give an alternate date if there was rain, so I decided to make the drive (thanks again, Garmin). It ended up staying in the 50s, but not a drop of rain during the 5 hour and 45 minute round.

I didn't play very well - a score of 100. But I had some good holes and made some good shots, particularly with the driver. The hole distances are in meters instead of yards and I should have looked up the conversion before I played. I know that a yard is close to a meter, but don't know if a yard is longer or shorter.

Here is the clubhouse coming up the 18th hole.

This is a downhill 191 meter par 3. I hit a solid 4-iron and stuck it about 8 feet from the pin. Of course I missed the birdie putt (but tapped in for par).

This is the par 5 9th hole. I got a par here as well thanks to a long drive down the middle of the narrow fairway.

There was free food before, during and after the round. Alas, no drink carts. Because of the zero tolerance on drinking and driving - any alcohol in your blood results in a DUI - no beer. Still, it was very nice to get onto a golf course and use my own clubs. I still suck at golf, but it was fun.

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