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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

We're safely back in Prague...

No significant events. We did stop in Dresden on the way back to do a little shopping and we missed the exit for mall we wanted to visit. After getting lost trying to make our way back I decided to see if the Garmin had the mall in its "Shopping" database. It had it - Elbe Park - so I pushed the button and off we went. It showed a 30 minute drive time, which I thought was a bit long since we hadn't gotten THAT lost, but it hadn't let us down yet. When we got there we realized that there were two entries in the database - Elbe Center and Elbe Park - and we had used the wrong one. The one we wanted - Elbe Park - was back near where we had started and it took another 30 muinutes to get back. Oh, well, at least the scenery was pretty. And I bought a push mower - not gas or electric, but the one with the twirling blades when you push it. Only 46 Euros. Also got a few other things that we can't get in Prague - Diet Sprite and vinegar.
Even though we are back I will add more posts over the next few from our trip to Berlin. We loved Berlin and have decided to go back at some point before we move back to the States.

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