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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Venus, the Moon and the Castle...

I know that header sounds like the album that Cat Stevens would have made if he hadn't converted to Islam (new name "Yusaf Islam") and given up pop music. This picture was taken from the balcony of the apartment of a co-worker (the director of HR) in Mala Strana (Lesser Town). She had invited Kathy and I and another couple over for dinner. After dinner there were some fireworks at a nearby park so we went on the balcony for a look. I don't have pictures of the fireworks, but I noticed the striking image of the moon and Venus (I'm assuming it's Venus because of how bright it is) close together in the sky in the vicinity of the castle. The picture is a little blurry because of the exposure time used - and I didn't have a tripod. Anyway, I think it's still a pretty neat picture.

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