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Monday, May 28, 2007

The streets of Prague...

Last week we went to look at some furniture that a young American girl was selling. She had spent a year here teaching English and was heading back soon. We have been keeping an eye out for some furniture items since we have 5 bedrooms and some look a little spartan. Also, European houses don't have closets so you need wardrobes - and we are a few short. Anyway, we saw what she had and decided to buy a sofabed (from IKEA) for about $50. On the walk back to the metro station we saw this cafe with Louis Armstrong's picture. It looks interesting and we plan to go back and try it out. It was also on Cermakova street - Cermakova is the feminine version of Cermak, which is the surname of my brother-in-law and sister. We've come across the name a few times so far.

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Todd said...

Yes!!! Hmmm.. I wonder what life would have been like with the "female" version of my last name. ;)