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Monday, April 28, 2008

Prague tulips...

Spring has finally sprung in Prague and the tulips are in full bloom. It wasn't a bad winter, especially considering that some cold weather and measurable snow in December had many predicting it to be long and painful.

I guess it was long, but just not too cold and not snowy at all. It seemed as if March lasted for three months. First there was FebruMarch, then March and then we got three weeks of Marchpril. The high temperatures seemed to fluctuate from 35 to 49 Fahrenheit for that entire period.

Anyway, there were some outdoor cafes open on Sunday as the temperature approached 70, and it looks like the same today.

On the way into Sunday school yesterday we (as usual) parked near Dejvicka circle and then caught the tram to Malostranska namesti where our church, St. Thomas, is. Here are a few pictures of the thousands of tulips in bloom - they were quite beautiful.

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Michael Carøe Andersen said...

Nice pictures - the three months of March got me laughing out loud :D