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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Noah's birthday party...

Yeah, I know he turned ten years old six weeks ago. But we had visitors in town and also wanted the weather to be warmer, so here we are havinig his birthday party in April. All week the forecast for today was cool and rainy, so of course it was mild and partly cloudy - thank goodness.

We had six other boys invited to the party and so we had a long list of games to keep them occupied. In a fortuitous turn, Noah won one of several items that were raffled at his school a couple of weeks ago. What did he win? Free use of a large inflated bouncy castle, and a large custom made cake. (See the pictures).

Kathy's organizational and culinary skills were put to great use. Besides the list of games, she had each kid make their own personal pizza, and that was a hit. What kid doesn't like pizza? The kids seemed to have a good time and were well behaved. Two hours, though, was enough.

Here is Noah with the free cake he won in the school raffle.

Here is Noah with the free bouncy castle that he won in the school raffle. It was really big, but it inflated in only about a minute.

The obligatory blowing out of the candles on the cake. The cake is really about 30 cupcakes with loads of frosting. If we had paid for the cake the cost would have been $125 (which means, of course, that he wouldn't have had this cake).

Here I am giving instructions for the egg relay race. The non-American boys were bemused by the idea of racing carrying an egg on a spoon.


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