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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The church in Andau...

After visiting Weinbau Sattler on Thursday we went to Andau and looked at the Catholic church there. I think it has an interesting architecture but Martin Sattler would say at dinner the next night that it "looks like a factory". I suppose it does, but I still like it.

The door to the church was unlocked - this surprised us since in the US it seems that churches are only open when services are being conducted.

Here is a mural on the ceiling of the church.

In front of the church there is a memorial to the Andau dead from WWI and WWII. It seems as if every town has at least one of these. There are 8 Sattler dead from WWI listed, and 20 from WWII. These numbers, from such a small village, is staggering. I know that the Martin Sattler killed in WWI is related to me since my aunt has a card, in German, with details of his death.

The surnames Peck, Pelzer and Thell are also in my Sattler line (as the maiden names of Sattler wives).

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