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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Sunday trip to church...

E very Sunday (well, almost every Sunday) we drive from our village of Horomerice to the area of Dejvicka where we can either take the metro or a tram to the church of St. Thomas just off of Maolstranska namesti. Because the timeing is right we usually take a tram - a #20 tram comes at 0930 and gets us to church just in time for the start of Sunday school at 0945. On weekends the metro runs only about every 7-8 minutes so if we just miss one at Dejvicka it would mean we would be late.

Passing another tram on the way into the city.

Prague public transportation relies on the honor system. Human nature being what it is, ticket inspectors are used to perform spot checks on random metros, trams and buses. Today there was an inspector on the tram, and while we all had tickets (the last ting we want is unwanted contact with the police) a young check couple sitting behind us did not - and the inspector wrote them out a ticket. I believe that the fine is about $25.

Here is where we get off - Malostranska namesti. On the right is where the new Starbucks is going. We hear that it will open this Tuesday.

Here is the imposing door to St. Thomas' church. It is a very beautiful Church and I will post more about it in the near future.

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